3D MultiVision Software

APM 3DMultiVision™ software for Windows-based computers processes measurement data recorded by APM’s 3DLevelScannerTM and MultiScanner System sensors installed on silos, open bins and warehouses. The program collects and integrates data from all vessels monitored, across multiple sites, even those distributed over remote geographic regions. 3DMultiVision provides sophisticated analyses based on real-time conditions as well as historical data that allow managers to improve workflows while reducing operating costs. Managers and staff with appropriate authorization may view this information from any place in the world over common LAN as well as wireless connections.

Inventory Control

The software presents vessel general information as well as measurement data such as:
• volume
• min/max level/distance
• mass (with a given density)

By clicking on one or more of the chosen vessels' icons, customer can retrieve the 3D visualization
of the vessel content to view real-time allocation of the material (in MV/MVL version only).

Volume measurement solids

3DMultiVision Mobile Application

Having the needed information available on the right person’s computer is great, but having this same information available to all relevant people, any time, any place is the real deal. With this ability the organization can really use the information to generate results. Now APM makes this possible by connecting its 3DMultiVision software to a web server and making the information visible through any smartphone.

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