APM’s New High-Temperature 3DLevelScanner featured in award winning presentation to 300 Automation professionals at ISA / POWAT conference in Delhi, India

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 20, 2012 – APM Automation Solutions Director of Sales, Asia, Motti Holler, introduced APM's innovative breakthrough technology to more than 300 automation professionals as part of the “Automation in Thermal Power Plant” session at the International Society of Automation ISA (Delhi) – POWAT – 2012 conference in New Delhi at the beginning of January, 2012.

Mr. Holler presented the challenges of fly ash level measurement in ESP hoppers noting that in recent years particle emissions from process industries have increasing attracted attention in anticipation of upcoming strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

“Not only does fly ash (dust) have a very low density, it is hard to distinguish, tends to stick to everything and has a very low dielectric constant, and in ESP hoppers environments it carries static charges, it is at high temperature (approx. 200 deg. C.) and it is abrasive in nature,” Mr. Holler explained.

Mr. Holler with Mr. Ravinder Goyal and the Delhi ISA team who organized the event

Mr. Holler continued with a detailed description of APMs patented 3DLevelScanner technology, its unique self-cleaning features that are so important in such harsh environments, and its robust high-temperature configuration that is especially well-suited for ESP hoppers.

“3D level scanning is becoming the de facto standard of the Industry,” commented Mr. Holler, “and it is going to revolutionize the face of the level measurement industry in the years to come. Overall performance of the ESP system is significantly enhanced, resulting in cost savings and a very early return on investment.”

Mr. Ravinder Goyal, CEO of EIP Enviro Level Controls Pvt Ltd, APM's partner in India, said: "For years I have been involved in the power automation industry. I am handling level measurement solutions for various applications through a vast array of technologies. We had introduced 3DLevel scanner in India in 2009, and today, just 3 years down the line, it has captured the attention of many industries in the power, cement, steel and other sectors. No doubt that this breakthrough technology will change peoples' view of level measurement and is surely the future of level measurement for solid applications."

Receiving the best paper and presentation award from Mr. S P Singh, Director-HR, NTPC LTD

APM's technical paper, “Volume Measurement of ESP Hopper Using 3D Technology" written by Mr. Ofir Perl, CEO of A.P.M Automation Solutions Ltd. won the Best Paper of the session award.


About APM
APM Automation Solutions Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and expert in volume and level measurement instrumentation. Its flagship product, the 3DLevelScanner™, first introduced in 2007, represented a new family of devices that eliminated the guesswork out of measuring the level, volume and mass of materials stored inside a silo or open bin with 3D mapping of the contents. APM’s offerings have since been expanded to provide inventory-savings solutions for range of industrial applications involving very large silos, storage bins and warehouses across multiple sites, adapting its technology to meet the needs of corporate as well production managers. APM’s unique patented technology addresses applications previously thought to be beyond the scope of level and volume measurement with unparalleled degrees of accuracy. APM products are sold and supported by a network of agents / distributors in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. Visit http://apm.mixermedia.co.il.

About EIP Enviro Level Controls Pvt Ltd.
Since its establishment in 1986 EIP has provided reliable products for detection and level measurement of stored powder and other solid materials. Based on customer satisfaction and feedback, different instruments were upgraded incorporating new technological developments and in-house R&D lead by the firm's founder and CEO, Mr. Ravinder Goyal. Today EIP is a leading manufacturer / supplier and expert in level and volume measurement instrumentation. Its products include RF sensors, ultrasonic / acoustic instrumentation, radar devices and APM's innovative 3DLevelScanner product line.

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