Food and Beverage
In the food industry, grain, corn, wheat, flour and other raw materials are stored in large silos where environmental conditions inside the silos are very dusty.
A large number of finished products in the chemical industry are manufactured and brought to market in the form of powders, granules or pellets.
Extremely abrasive materials, changing fillers, as well as cement, which generate a lot of dust, all present different challenges to accurate level measurement.
Coal-powered plants burn coal to produce electricity, a reliable method that has been generating much of the world's electricity for the past 100 years.
Plastic granules and powders are often stored in tall, slender silos and filled pneumatically. Fertilizers are transported via conveyor belt to large bunkers or stockpiles for storage until further transport.
Steel is produced from iron ore or iron ore pellets and often involves the use of limestone, coke and a variety of other additives. Huge crushers grind and pulverize the ore into different sizes and granularity to meet the requirements of specific pr...
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